Hi! I am Julian E.V.I.L. – L.I.V.E music & Event Professional Photographer.

From more than a decade I’ve been part of  some of the most important concerts and events, working with/for bands, promoters, magazines and venues. Globally.

While I’ve been  known mainly as a Music Photographer, from 2019 I’m showcasing other mastery fields such as: portraits, landscapes, editorial and advertising, aerials and most important : Video production!!!!


I’m a former musician who aimed to connect music and photography, helping bands improve their Online reputation (since back in Myspace days 🙂 ) Now I have the cutting edge tools and knowledge to not only help bands, but also companies, entrepreneurs and individuals tell their story in the most artistic and strategic way.

Careful!!! While I take my work very seriously, I aim not to take life in the same way. They say I’m crazy, a force of nature and stage animal. I like to get involved with my clients. Create that feeling we’ve been hanging around forever. You’ll forget that I have a camera, and all the shots will be candid, natural, real… LIVE!!

So if you need a static, low energy, boring and invisible Photographer / videographer. I’m not your Guy!

My heroes: Mc Gyver, Tonny Robins, Steve Jobs, Elon Musk, Myself in 10 years & Wolverine.
My other passions: Knowledge, Astronomy, Science, Personal Development, Technology, Engineering, Psychology, Electric Vehicles,Adventure, Challenge, my 4 year old little Angel.

I speak 5 human languages + a couple of machine ones 🙂

I was born In Tirana (Albania), Grew up In Turin (Italy) Lived for a while in London (UK) Now I’m Living in Cartagena (Spain)

Julian “Evil” Stands for Live (reversed) Its in the essence of photography to capture Live moments as they were on a stage performance.

Thanks for passing by!